What Type of Sports Fan Are You?

One of the greatest things about sports are the fans. You’ve got the fans with too little shirt and too much mid-section, the crazed college students, season ticket holders, casual fans, avid fans, the guys with signs that have acronymns spelling out the broadcast channel, reserved alumni, and so many more that I have barely made a scratch in the surface. Despite the fact that fans have many ways of showing their enthusiasm for their team, I have ultimately come to the conclusion that there are really only two types of sports fans.

First there are those that love the efficient, calculated, talented teams that near perfection and want to see the dynasties rekindled. Then there are the fans that love the drama, suspense and excitement of the underdog pulling off the cinderella story and beating the proverbial Goliath.

The Perfectionist:This type of sports fan enjoys watching teams like the Patriots go 18-0, and even if they don’t like the team will pull for them to get that final win. They like watching teams like the Spurs be consistent, effecient teams that make few mistakes, and they are always there in the end fighting for the next ring to put on their hands. They have a great appreciation for the art, strategy, and talent required to play the game.

Typically these fans perfer to watch the NBA instead of the NCAA Tournament. They like baseball more than football, and on occassion might carry their own score card. If this were a personality, they would be most like a “Type A” personality. They attend games in polo shirts and slacks, or wearing shorts if it’s hot outside. But for the most part it’s about the science and the art that is the game.

The Cinderella Man:  This type of fan likes to watch George Mason dance it’s way through March on a Cinderella story that lands them in the Final four, even if they couldn’t tell you what the mascot is or what city they call home. This fan enjoys watching teams like Arizona beat 3 #1 seeds on the way to the National Championship, or the Colorado Rockies make the World Series. And of course, they really love it when teams like the Giants pull of the upset against a team like the Patriots looking for perfection. The trick plays of Boise State are a dream come true. It’s about the stories, about the small market team pulling off the win. It’s about the Cubbies winning after 99 long, desperate years filled with Blunders and Bartman’s. These are the crazy fat guys in Green Bay who don’t wear shirts in 8 degree weather. The loonies who paint not just their faces, but their entire body or wear costumes.

These fans love the NCAA Tournament where anything can happen. They thrive on overtime, and if their team isn’t playing will pull for the underdog just as feverishly if it were their al ma mater.  These are the “Type B” sports personalities.

So what kind of fan are you? Type “A” or “B”? Maybe you fall somewhere in the middle… but chances are, you can tell by whether you prefer NCAA Basketball of NBA Basketball.

As for me, give me Cinderella!


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