Are We Really This Bad?

Considering the fact that this is a post-game brief, you’d think I was talking about the Arizona Wildcats and their performance against CAL. You’d think I was talking about the fact the ‘Cats shot just over 21% from beyond the arc and turned the ball over twice as much as their opponent. You would think I was talking about how Russ Pennell couldn’t even come close to keeping up with the adjustments and tactical decisions by Mike Montgomery. You could think all of those things, but you’d be wrong.

Dear Band Wagon Fans...

What I’m talking about is the wishy-washy fans that have shown up. Fans that praise Pennell and want him to take over the program after the victories over Gonzaga and Kansas, but turnaround and want the guy gone when we lose to a prolific shooting team in CAL.

I’m talking about the fans that praise Jamelle Horne and Kyle Fogg and are ready to name them impact players after they post 23 points and 14 rebounds a game for three games, only to want them off the team or benched for the season following a bad performance.

I’m talking about the fans that before the season begins are proclaiming Chase Budinger first team PAC-10 and a Lottery Pick in the NBA draft, but have turned their backs on him when he’s lost his shooting stroke.

I am ashamed at some of the fans that are out there. It’s okay to be a skeptic it’s even okay to be a homer with rose-colored glasses. But it is completely ridiculously to be so spineless, so wishy-washy that the Wildcats are only as good as their last game. If you’re one of those fans, please, just jump ship now so the rest of us don’t have to listen to you any longer.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m in full agreement that Arizona’s performance last night was anything but stellar. Does one bad performance mean that this is a bad team? Certainly not, and I don’t believe it is fair to judge how good or bad these kids are based off of one game. After all, in two late December games, the ‘00-’01 Wildcats lost by 18 and the ‘92-’93 team lost by 15. You have to judge a team by their progression and performance over the course of a season (to be fully fair), or at the very least a month.

Think about it this way, how many of the tough games we’ve played this year do you think would turn out differently if there was a rematch? UAB and Gonzaga definitely would. Texas A&M most likely would. UNLV and Kansas probably would. At least with CAL we’ll get another chance. So chances are, Arizona isn’t really as good as they were when they beat Gonzaga and they certainly aren’t as bad as when they lost to UAB. They’re somewhere in the middle.

So, like I said, for all you wishy-washy fans, it’s time to grow a backbone or jump off the bandwagon because anytime you have as much inexperience as the Wildcats do, you are in for a bumpy ride.

UA @ CAL Recap:

The Good: Hill 18 points, 11 rebounds. Horne 10 points 7 rebounds.
The Bad: Kyle Fogg 0 points, 4 turnovers. Chase Budinger 4-16 shooting, 9 points.
The Ugly: 3-Point Shooting %’s : Arizona 23.1%, CAL46.7%. Turnover Differential: +6, A/TO ratio: 0.91


3 Responses to “Are We Really This Bad?”

  1. 1 Todd January 3, 2009 at 9:14 am

    Amen brother. Fans have been far too quick to judge this team after wins and losses. This is one of the most interesting seasons and teams in recent history. I’m sick of the Bud bashing. Let’s just see how this thing plays out.

  2. 2 da voice January 7, 2009 at 11:44 am

    Senor Todd and like-minded Wildcat cheerleaders. Chase is JUNIOR, and most certainly deserves to be “called out!!”

    Nonetheless, perhaps Budinger will break out of his FOUR GAME slump against the Oregon schools, and help Arizona win.

  3. 3 naterb January 7, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    da voice: There’s no doubt that Budinger is playing poorly and is currently mired in one of his worst slumps, if not the worst, of his college career. That’s not the issue that is being discussed here.

    The problem isn’t fans saying Budinger is playing poorly, but fans that are going from proclaiming him as a NCAA POY candidate, PAC-10 POY, and a Lottery pick when he does well, to turning around and saying he has no place in the NBA or even on the team.

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