Hansen: Tucson’s Ipecac

Have you ever read something that causes an involuntary gag reflex and scorches the back of your throat with acid? That’s the effect that Greg Hansen’s journalism has on me – it’s more sure fire than ipecac when I need to purge my stomach. I have to admit Hansen manages to get it right on occasion. For example there was the time he wrote about… no… there was the article on…hmm… okay, so I can’t think of any. But I’m sure during his 25+ years in covering the Arizona Wildcats there must be an occasion where his words didn’t have the effect of soured milk.
It’s an unfortunate reality, more despairing than the future plight of the Wildcats, that Tucson readers and Arizona Wildcats fans have to tolerate Hansen, the ‘Howard Stern’ of Tucson journalism, and his pretentious and vindictive articles. Hansen is up to his typical “shock effect” writing again with his most recent blog entry “The End is Near” by claiming that the 0-2 start after a trip to the Bay Area equates to the Wildcats going 1-8 in PAC-10 road games. What’s worse is that Hansen essentially proclaims that this is a forgone conclusion and fans should succumb to it, rather than providing the faith and support that a team in limbo needs.

To form his latest opinion that is as tainted as last week’s left over fish sitting in the bottom of my trash bin, Hansen completely omit’s the reality that one of the key players, Chase Budinger, is in one of the worst slumps of his life. The fact that Budinger is slumping and should break out of it soon enough, is a good indication enough that the 0-2 conference start is not a sign of things to come. Unfortunately Hansen doesn’t want his readers to contemplate that, so he simply skirts the issue of Budinger by focusing on the sweep based upon history.

Hansen pulls up some great facts about how long it has been since Arizona has been swept in the Bay Area, including some non-pertinent information on rankings during those sweeps. The funny thing that he neglected to mention is that regardless of the final results very few wins at Haas or Staples Pavilion have ever come easy. But, like the certifiably insane bums carrying cardboard signs, Hansen’s only objective was to insight emotional responses by proclaiming “the end is near.” Unfortunately, just like those bums the proclamation is premature.

I will agree, the end of Arizona basketball as we have come to love and appreciate began to wind down a year and a half ago when Olson took his LOA. The program as we know it is drawing to an end most certainly. To ignore that reality is absolute foolishness. Fortunately, we won’t see that end until the Cats are ousted from the NIT or NCAA Tournament in March. So grab the Pepto, and don’t be fooled by the Wildcats 0-2 conference start and certainly not by the ipecac that Hansen is attempting to force feed the Wildcat faithful.




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