Hansen – Getting it Right?!

Typically when I head over to azstarnet.com I read through the articles about the Wildcats followed by the reader comments. After getting annoyed by some of the narrow-sighted articles and reader comments (not all of either are that way, but there are plenty of them to be had) I grit my teeth and check out what Greg Hansen has to say for something to supplement my blog with to fire back at.

As I was going through my normal “routine” Hansen threw me a curve ball. As I was reading what he had to say, I had to agree with more than I usually do. Sure, he was still getting a good share of his pessimism about the ‘Cats in there, but he had two points that I agreed with (and that’s two more than I usually do).

 He’s a caretaker who is doing a terrific job at public relations as he nurses a flawed team through a predictably bumpy season that is most likely to end with an NITgame or two. – Greg Hansen on Russ Pennell

I like what he has to say here. Pennell is doing exactly what should be expected and handling the pressures with great poise. He’s not spitting vulgarities and anger towards reporters, fans, or players like Kevin O’Neill did last season. But I’m not sold on the NIT ending… yet. Arizona has a chance to make a spurt the rest of the way out to make the NCAA’s, but it’s getting more and more difficult with each game.

Yes, the refs goofed on the intentional foul call; at best it was a no-call or a double foul. It put Pennell is a precarious spot and from there his fragile team couldn’t hang on. – Greg Hansen on the Intentional foul

He nailed this one – though I’m sure he views the team as far more “fragile” than I do.

Until then, this is just practice. – Hansen on the season

Surprisingly this gives more insight to the fans who follow and agree with Hansen on a regular basis than it does to Hansen himself. I’m sure Hansen has packed it in and is just filling space and time when he writes about the ‘Cats this year. But the people that are typically in agreement with him aren’t caring about the kids on the team and seeing player progression and enjoying what they’ve got. They’re already jumping ahead and looking into 2009. Quitters and fair-weather fans.


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