PAC-10 Power Rankings: Week 3


  1. UCLA (E)
    They made Arizona’s make-shift 1-1-3 zone look awful. They had an offensive explosion with five players reaching double-digit scoring. But losing at home against ASU in a game you controlled in the second half shows they aren’t as far ahead of the rest of the conference as they would hope.
    Last Week: W vs. Arizona 83-60, L vs. ASU 61-58
  2. CAL (E)
    With their first loss in conference play coming against a rival in a close game, you can’t fault CAL too much – especially when you went on the road for a game filled with more drama than any other rival game will contain this year. The game against UCLA is getting bigger and bigger each week.
    L at Stanford 75-69
  3. ASU (E)
    A win at Pauley is impressive. But as great as that was, the loss against USC was bad enough to keep them from moving past CAL. Losing by 12 to a defensive minded team exploited their lack of players outside of Pendergraph and Harden. Shut Harden down and they falter.
    L at USC 61-49, W at UCLA 61-58
  4. Washington (E)
    They took care of business against the Oregon schools. Brockman, Pondexter, and Thomas are a great combination. The big question is if they can sustain it when they face off against two of the conference’s better defensive teams.
    W at OU 84-67, W at OSU 95-59
  5. USC (+1)
    Their defense stepped up against Arizona State, and in the second half against Arizona’s perimeter shooters. DeRozan is quietly becoming a great wingman. Tougher times are ahead for the Trojans as they start to hit the road more the rest of the way out.
    W vs. ASU 61-49, W vs. UA 65-64
  6. Stanford (+2)
    That was a nice home win over their rivals. Montgomery certainly isn’t used to losing very frequently at Maples – but in his first trip as an opponent he gets the “L.” I’m still not sold on Stanford and believe they’ll have a drop off because of their lack of frontcourt presence. But that’s yet to be seen consistently.
    W vs. CAL 75-69
  7. Arizona (-2)
    Arizona looked awful against UCLA and should’ve won the USC game. They’re still winless on the road and make too many simple mistakes. If they can resolve the basic issues they should be primed for a second half push. It’s a tough road ahead, but don’t count ‘em out yet.
    L at UCLA 84-60, L at USC 65-64
  8. Washington State (-1)
    A couple of road wins are always a big boost to a team. Unfortunately the Oregon schools aren’t the stiffest competition so WSU doesn’t get too much credit for the road sweep. Rochestie has been stepping up big, but they’ll need more than that if they want to make a push towards the top of the conference.
    W at OSU 61-57, W at OU 74-62
  9. Oregon State (E)
    OSU is competitive with the more inexperienced teams in the conference, but struggle against the better coached and more experienced teams. It’s no surprise, but at least it’s an improvement from last year. It will be interesting to see what kind of program Robinson puts together in Corvallis.
    L vs. WSU 61-57, L vs UW 85-59
  10. Oregon: (E)
    Oregon had spurts of success against the Washington schools this week. But not for extended periods of time. Eventually they’ll pick up a “surprise” win in the next few weeks. But they’re still lacking a true go-to guy right now.
    L vs. UW 84-67, L vs. WSU 74-62


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PAC-10 Power Rankings

1. Cal 2. Washington 3. UCLA 4. Arizona 5. Oregon 6. Oregon State 7. Arizona State 8. Washington State 9. Stanford 10. USC

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