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Alright, because of the Wednesday night game, I’m having to bump up a few of things to make sure that I get the Game Preview in a day early. So today I’ve already posted my Player of the Week Award, I’ve got the PAC-10 Blogs Check-in here, and hopefully I’ll have the Game Preview up first thing in the morning at the very latest.

National View

Brackettville ’09 currently has five PAC-10 teams heading to the big dance in March. As expected, Arizona isn’t one of them. Check out who made the cut and where they’re projected to be heading at Brackettville ’09.

Power Rankings

Power Rankings: Addicted to Quack has a weekly Power-Rankings poll over on SB Nation. Each week they receive votes, tally the votes and produce a very slick looking poll. Because it is a polled Power Rankings it has the ability to be less bias, but you’ll see some discrepancies from week to week. Check out Addicted to Quacks Power Ranking Poll. . The Coug Center is also a part of the SB Nation and you can see their ballot here.


Addicted to Quack makes its second appearance on this week’s PAC-10 blog reviews. This time they’ve narrowed their focus and recapped the Oregon vs. Washington State game. Now, if you think that you’ve been hard on the Ducks, just wait. Sometimes the most avid fans make the toughest critics, and Addicted to Quack does just that.

On thing that has to come into question for the Ducks – which it has for many Ducks’ fans already – is how much longer can they tolerate Ernie Kent. Kent is the most tenured active coach in the PAC-10 today. Montgomery doesn’t count because he’s just getting back…. But you get the point. Anyhow, The Bleacher Report says that Ernie Kent’s clock is ticking – frankly, I think they’re right.

On another note for the PAC-10 in general, you can catch up on a few things that you might have missed as well as some insight over on Bear Talk with their PAC-10 Reflections.


If you’re interested to see how some CAL fans reacted to the Stanford game, check out California Golden Blogs. CBKWit gives some major factors to why CAL lost the road trip against their rivals. It borders on making excuses, but maybe it’s not. You decide.


I think these guys do a good job of getting in-depth with their game recaps and opinions, but I often feel like I need a translator to understand them half the time. Rather than appealing to the general reader, they have taken the privilege of using initials a lot of the time which gets confusing. That aside, the writers take a very level headed approach to a lot of the games, and make honest assessments of their team. Check out their recap of the Arizona State Loss. Now, of course I would be pretty brash if I allowed you to read a Bruins take on that “upset” loss at Pauley Pavilion without giving you the Sun Devils – via House of Sparky – response as well.

Oregon State

Building the Dam gives a nice recap and reaction to the Washington game. Judging by this article, despite the loss, Beavers’ fans seem to have a fairly optimistic outlook for the future of Oregon State basketball.

Washington State

The Coug Center gets a double-dipping as well this week thanks to their tirade on a blown PAC-10 Player of the Week award. Frankly, I don’t blame him for being mad that Lawrence Hill (STAN) got the nod this week. Check out the rant and find out who they believes should’ve won.

The Lighter Side…. I hope

After all that heavy lifting and reading, I felt that you might want something to lighten the load a bit. Check out who Dave Morrison should be the next coach at Arizona.

Of course, after that drastic loss to UCLA, I figured us ‘Cats fans needed a bit of an uplift by taking a peek at a great moment in the not too distant past (though I’d completely forgotten about it).


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