Looking Ahead to April


Even though the remaining 6 weeks of conference play are uncertain and any guess as to what will happen would be as good as any other, I’m taking a few moments to look ahead to the future and the job ahead for the Arizona Wildcats starting in fall of 2009. Things will become quickly more clear the moment that Lute Olson’s successor has been named. Whoever this coach is will inherit a solid foundation and a great program that has fallen into a bit of disrepair over the past couple of years. For that they will be blessed, but while the name “Arizona” has a bit of clout to it and can help pull in recruits Arizona’s 2009 recruiting class will fall heavily on the coach who is selected. The Successor will also have the foundation laid for a good supporting cast, provided no unexpected departures occur, and the fires of the recruiting trail will already be kindling thanks to Reggie Geary.

With the NCAA Tournament finishing on April 6th and the spring signing period starting at noon two days later, the Wildcats have a small window to make a huge impact in the recruiting field. If the successor is already a marquee coach this task will be made that much easier, and the less renowned the coach is the harder it becomes.

Looking at the remaining recruiting lists below by rivals.com and scout.com, there are still a handful of quality recruits to be snatched up. However, only 3-Star (according to rivals) guard Victor Rudd is the only remaining prospect to show any interest in Arizona at this time. That doesn’t bode well for Arizona as many of these recruits will fly off the board within 24 hours of the spring signing period beginning. Personally, I’m not putting much stock in Arizona bringing in more than one or two 4-star recruits – and that may be generous. Next year will be the first year in a long time that the Wildcats won’t be projected to finish in the NCAA Tournament – that is unless The Successor can pull off the miraculous. If the ‘Cats can bring in a few 4 and 5 star recruits and a solid JuCo player they’ll be right in the thick of the PAC-10 net year, otherwise they’ll fall to the current level of Washington State, Oregon State, or even Oregon.

Remaining Recruits


Rivals Top 150

John Wall , DeMarcus Cousins, Lance Stephenson, Renardo Sidney, Latavious Williams, Terrence Boyd, Eric Bledsoe, Kyryl Natyazhko, Terrell Vinson, Jason Calliste, Jamil Wilson, Roscoe Davis, Victor Rudd, Darius Smith, DaShonte Riley, Glenn Bryant, Nik Garcia, Angus Brandt


Five Stars : John Wall, Lance Stephenson, Renardo Sidney, DeMarcus Cousins

Four Stars: Jamil Wilson, Eric Bledsoe, DaShonte Riley, Kyryl Natyazhko, Angus Brandt, Terrence Boyd, Darius Smith, Terrell Vinson, Latavious Williams, Trenton Marshall

Three Stars: Marcus Jordan, Victor Rudd, Jesse Morgan, Sherrod Wright, Rhys Murphy, Andre Marhold, Ivo Baltic, Tevin Baskin, Ferrakohn Hall, Nik Garcia, Jason Calliste, Richie Edgwards, Troy Daniels, Devon Collier, George Diaz, Glenn Bryant, Darrick Brown, Jules Montgomery, Youssoupa Mbao, Rosoe Davis, Gerard Suero, Laron Dendy, Casey Mitchell, Jarrid Famous, Justin Brownlee

2-Stars: Charles Funches, Bryant Allen, Gentry Hines, James Stweart, Russell Smith, Von Jones, Ryan Fleming


4 Responses to “Looking Ahead to April”

  1. 1 David C January 31, 2009 at 9:52 am

    Im just throwing this out there but what if we got Memphis’ coach Calipari. They have one of the nations best recruits coming in next year in Xavier Henry. Is there a rule that would block Xavier Henry and or other Memphis 09-10 recruits from joining Calipari on Arizona?

  2. 2 naterb January 31, 2009 at 4:58 pm

    First of all, in regards to Calipari – don’t bet on it. He’s got a great thing going over there. I could be wrong on this, but I just don’t see him bookin’ out of Memphis right now – despite the many advantages he’d have at Arizona (outside of monetary, and next year) compared to Memphis.

    Now, in regards to recruits withdrawing their LOI and following the coach – there are no rules against it and it has happened in recent past (KSU – I believe); However, it is considered uncouthe and inappropriate by the organizations. Not by the players, but by the coaches because in effect they have left their job on bad terms.

  3. 3 germy January 31, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    I have heard many rumors that Rick Pitino is interested in the job and his wife is house-hunting in Tucson. I can’t believe that he would want to leave what he has going right now though, his team is doing great and Louisville loves him. Any thoughts?

  4. 4 David C February 3, 2009 at 11:49 am

    Although I would love to have Rick Pitino, I dont see it happening. He has way to much going for him in Louisville plus he is very much into horse raising/racing which Kentucky is known for. I am praying that we pull Mark Few away from Gonzaga.

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