PAC-10 Power Rankings: Week Five


  1. UCLA(+1) – The Bruins returned to their winning ways by utterly dominating CAL last week. The first half of conference play has shown that they could be the best team in the conference, but not by the landslide originally thought.
  2. Washington (-1) – The Huskies don’t fall too far after splitting in the desert. They could drop as far as 5th or 6th in the conference before all is said and done because of the many tough road trips they have remaining.
  3. USC (+2) – They snuck by Stanford at home, before controlling the game against CAL. They are too inconsistent for this to become a permanent spot. With some difficult second-half road trips coming up they will likely struggle more from here on out.
  4. CAL (E) – Getting swept on the never out of the question in the PAC-10, not even for one of the conferences better teams. Fortunately it was the toughest road trip of the year and they should bounce back here in the next week. At some point the frontcourt will have to play with more consistency.
  5. ASU (-2) – A home loss typically equates to a drop in the polls, but getting swept at home by a good team and an average-at-best team could spell trouble ahead for the Sun Devils.  It was brutally apparent that the Sun Devils need someone other than Pendergraph and Harden to step up with consistency.
  6. Arizona (+1) – I would love to put them in the top half of the conference after the home sweep of the Washington schools, but until they beat do more damage than a 3-game winning streak, it’s just not realistic. If they keep playing like this, however, they’ll wind up near the top before too long. Strangely, the regular season crown isn’t out of reach for them yet.
  7. Washington State (+2) – The Cougars picked up a nice road win against ASU and ran their offense to perfection. They’re going to make some teams squirm the rest of the way, but I don’t see them climbing in the polls from here on out.
  8. Oregon State (-1) – It’s no surprise that they played a close game against the Ducks. Rivalry games in the P10 are always close games. Robinson sure appears to have this organization pointed in the right direction and picking up some surprise wins along the way.
  9. Stanford (-1) – After starting conference play off strong, the Cardinal have been struggling recently as teams are ignoring their inside presence and defensively focusing on the Cardinal perimeter. These guards weren’t meant to carry a team, but to be supporting cast for the Lopez twins and whatever inside presence that was brought in to replace them.
  10. Oregon (E) – The Ducks are getting dangerously close to going 0-18 in conference play. They have the talent, but lack the discipline and cohesiveness to turn their season around. The EK countdown is down to 10.

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PAC-10 Power Rankings

1. Cal 2. Washington 3. UCLA 4. Arizona 5. Oregon 6. Oregon State 7. Arizona State 8. Washington State 9. Stanford 10. USC

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