PAC-10 Power Rankings: Week 8


Despite four of the top five teams taking losses this week, there is no movement in the top of the conference. It looks to me like there won’t be much more movement amongst these teams the rest of the way out. Could be a few position switches (ASU/UW for example), but I wouldn’t expect anymore 2-spot jumps or drops the rest of the way out.


  1. Arizona State (E) – They’ve won five straight including wins over UCLA, USC, and breaking Arizona’s 7-game win streak. They’ll be tough to stop from here on out.
  2. Washington (E) – Despite the loss to UCLA last week, they’re still in sole possession (by a half game) of the best conference record and have a chance to separate themselves further with ASU coming to town this weekend.
  3. UCLA (E) – Defeating Washington at home was nice, but the Bruins are struggling and a home loss against Washington State shows it. They’re falling fast and I wonder if Ben Howland can turn ‘em back around.
  4. Arizona (E) – A two-point loss to Arizona State on the road is nothing to frown upon. They’ve been playing well over the past four weeks and are still one of the hottest teams in the conference.
  5. CAL (E) – A loss to Oregon State isn’t as bad as we thought, but CAL has suffered that fate twice this year. They’re in the same boat as UCLA with the wheels starting to come off down the stretch.
  6. Oregon State (+2) – A season sweep of CAL and a winning record against the bottom half of the conference earns them this spot. Imagine what they could do with USC type of talent.
  7. USC (-1)  The Trojans have struggled all year long, but it keeps getting worse. They haven’t won back-to-back games in the past four weeks. They’ve fallen apart in the second half of conference play.
  8. Washington State(+1)  That was a nice win for the Cougars over UCLA this week – and on the road no less. Could they finally be gelling as a team and producing at the level we’ve become accustomed to with Bennett Ball the past few years or was this simply a flash in the pan?
  9. Stanford (-2)– Okay, I admit it… I screwed up on these guys last week. They drop not just because of their loss to Oregon, but lets face it – their frontcourt is non-existent and their backcourt is average at best. They haven’t won two games in a week since before conference play began.
  10. Oregon (E)– The Ducks have been in the basement of the PAC-10 Power Rankings almost all season long. Unfortunately the only way out of it is to sweep their final three games and have Stanford get swept. Is Ernie Kent on the way out?

8 Responses to “PAC-10 Power Rankings: Week 8”

  1. 1 February 24, 2009 at 11:21 am

    “Is Ernie Kent on the way out?”

    I think Kent is still coaching next year, however, if things don’t change he’ll be gone by mid-season.

    There’s no way Phil Knight, er, uh, the UO administration lets this losing way be a part of the new $200 million Mathew Knight Arena.

  2. 2 Todd February 26, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    Naterb, Please bring back the previews and recaps. They are sorely needed.

  3. 3 naterb February 26, 2009 at 11:43 pm

    Todd – Unforunately I have been so bogged down with work the past month that I haven’t had the time to do them. It’s driving me nuts too!!! LOL

  4. 4 naterb February 26, 2009 at 11:48 pm

    BTW, I have Saturday off, so I might be able to get a preview in of the Washington game sometime mid morning… no guarantee, but I’m planning on trying.

    One thing to look out for is that Arizona needs the road win to demonstrate they can win on the road. Something they’ve only done it two true road games (four if you count the neutral site games in GA, and five if you count the neutral site game vs. Gonzaga in Tempe). Unfortunately their last road game is this game against Washington, and they’ve only lost once at home this year (to CAL).

  5. 5 Todd February 27, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    I hear ya. I’ve been swamped, too. We badly need a win on Saturday. I’d like to see Nic look for his shot for the full 40 minutes. It seemed like he was much less aggressive in the 2nd half last night.

  6. 6 David February 27, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    did we just run into a hot team in washington state or were there some big problems with our own game that contributed to the loss?

  7. 7 naterb February 28, 2009 at 1:40 pm

    David – I think it is a bit of both. Bennett’s system at WSU is a solid strategy that’s based upon making the smart, simple plays and looks to exploit common mistakes by their opponents. It certainly isn’t the most entertaining style of play to watch, but it is fundamental and effective.

    To run Bennett’s offense at a highly competitive level takes smart, experienced players. WSU has struggled this year as they’ve had to bring Klay Thompson and other players thrust into key positions up to speed. They have nearly the same talent as last year, but lacked the experience. As the season has worn on, the team has gotten better and are now competitive with any team in the conference.

    Combine that with a less than stellar road team in Arizona, and the fact that the ‘Cats looked a bit out of sync all night you get a loss. Budinger 9 points, Hill’s foul trouble and first half woes, and Wise disappearing in the second half were the undoing of the ‘Cats in Pullman.

  8. 8 David March 6, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    we are on this losing streak because naterb hasnt been updating his blog. haha just kidding

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PAC-10 Power Rankings

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