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Wildcats Network

The Tucson Citizen reported yesterday that a new “Wildcats TV Network” will begin broadcasting on September 5th with the Wildcats’ non-conference football match-up against Central Michigan. With negotiations failing between Fox Sports Arizona and the Wildcats, this was only a logical step. You can check out the details of how it will work here or watch it here.

Short-term Loss Equals Long-term Gains

Cats Fans will have to look elsewhere for non-conference media coverage

'Cats Fans will have to look elsewhere for non-conference media coverage

Fox Sports Arizona is eliminating non-conference broadcasts from their coverage this year, which normally would be a terrible loss for Arizona. But in the grand perspective, I don’t think Arizona fans could have asked for a better gift from FSN. Continue reading ‘Short-term Loss Equals Long-term Gains’

2009-2010 ‘Cats Preview

Okay, so the season doesn’t actually start for a little over four months from now and there is still the possibility that significant changes could still occur… but I doubt it.  Without further adieu, here is my first glimpse into the ‘Cats this season. Continue reading ‘2009-2010 ‘Cats Preview’

Making my way back

I know, it’s been a ridiculously long time since I posted anything on here. Sorry about fizzling out at the end of the year last year. The AC port on my laptop started creating electrical arcing across the mother board so I was put out of commission. The computer still isn’t fixed, but I’m going to try and get at least one article posted a week.  The first is going to be a look ahead into next year’s team which I’ll get on here shortly.

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