Short-term Loss Equals Long-term Gains

Cats Fans will have to look elsewhere for non-conference media coverage

'Cats Fans will have to look elsewhere for non-conference media coverage

Fox Sports Arizona is eliminating non-conference broadcasts from their coverage this year, which normally would be a terrible loss for Arizona. But in the grand perspective, I don’t think Arizona fans could have asked for a better gift from FSN.

I have always enjoyed having all-encompassing coverage of UA basketball, but it has driven me mad listening to the announcers. Bob Elliott, although an alumn, is horrible to listen to. I don’t know how many times I need to have the shot clock circled, or to be reminded about a 2-for-1 possession even a minute and a half before the scenario is going to arise.

I do have found the “Running with the PAC” and specifically Arizona Wildcats broadcasts quite informative and interesting, but in the scheme of things they won’t be sorely missed. What will be missed is all the wonderful non-conference match-ups… at least for this year.

By the time next year rolls around, Arizona will be able to negotiate with other non-internet based broadcasters like ESPN and have their games broadcast on a more national level. I can’t tell you how excited I am about that. I don’t know how long myself and a plethora of other UA fans have always been complaining about FSN and wanting ESPN to do late night coverage of PAC-10 games.

So, for the temporary basis, this is going to hurt Arizona fans because they will be forced to venture online to find a website that will cover the non-conference games. But in the long-run, Arizona fans will get better coverage, with better announcers, and hopefully out of the FSN contract all-together in the next few years.

I also think it would be beneficial for the PAC-10 to do what the BIG-10 does and create a network devoted solely to their conference athletics. That would mean increased coverage for each team and not just the major sports either. It would include college baseball coverage, and some of the other events that don’t have the crowd pull that would necessitate media coverage.


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